Harper's Bazaar, October 2014

The articles talks about the Perfect Wedding, according to Gurleen M Puri. We cover the perfect location, the perfect theme, the perfect bridal look, hair and make up, as well as all other things that make a wedding....perfect.

Vogue, September 2014

The article was a brief profile of Gurleen. How Gurleen began her career, professional highlights, her design philosophy incorporating different elements for invites, themes, venues, flowers, food, crockery, music, entertainment, party favors, service etc.)

Outlook Magazine, Splurge Luxury Supplement, September 2014

This article covered some exotic weddings, Gurleen has planned. How Gurleen begins to work with clients, how she adeptly works with NRIs, coordinates destination weddings in international locations and more. The Splurge Supplement is the luxury supplement of the Outlook Magazine.

JetWings, In-Flight Magazine, September 2014

The article focused on the slowly (but steadily) growing trend of Theme Weddings in India - from elaborate themes like the Ramayana, Medieval England and ancient Egypt, to themes that focus more on decor, like vintage/retro inspired weddings, or even French or Spanish themes. The article focused on Gurleen's take on this trend,

and second, weddings and events she has planned with a theme